Tag: life

  • Lessons from a Funeral

    Today we buried my grandfather. His passing has helped remind me of some important ideas that we often ignore or neglect to consider.

  • Opportunity and Chaos

    Today is my last day at the company where I’ve spent the last six years. Tomorrow is my first day of exploring a world filled with potentially terrifying opportunities.

  • Things for Other People

    Very little of what I own is actually for me. It’s for other people. Chairs for other people to sit on. A tiny little overburdened window-mounted air conditioner so other people don’t die of heatstroke when they walk into my tropical apartment in the summer. Blankets so other people don’t lose appendages to frostbite when they walk into my meatlocker of an apartment in the winter. But owning stuff for other people doesn’t make any sense.

  • Death and Your Digital Posterity

    You are going to die. It happens to the best of us. But what happens to your digital self once your physical self is gone?

  • Two simple rules for managing my work life

    I have two simple rules for managing my work life:

    • Don’t think about work after office hours
    • Ask why, and don’t be afraid to say no

    As simple as these two rules are, they’re invaluable for maintaining some semblance of sanity and a reasonable work-life balance. These were my only two pieces of advice to a new employee, and I wish someone had told them to me.