Round-up: Accessibility References for Non-Tech People

Just because someone has a disability of some kind doesn’t mean they aren’t using the web, and just because someone’s using the web doesn’t mean they don’t have some kind of need that would benefit from even basic accessibility practices. The following is a short list of references collected via Twitter in response to @drinkerthinker’s request for non-tech-savvy resources.

Up and Gone; Or, The Ease of Relocating in the Digital Age

I recently had the pleasure of dogsitting for my parents while they were out of town, and in the process of temporarily relocating myself to their house, I realized something. It’s extremely easy to pick up and relocate ourselves in an age where everything has gone digital. This isn’t really a surprise. There are lots […]

Learn When to Say No.

The one skill that’s been most helpful to me professionally, more than any tech knowledge, is knowing when and how to say “No.”

Notes from the September mkeUX meetup: Search

Last night’s mkeUX was all about search – both SEO and paid search. Ross Monaghan and Jordon Meyer were great presenters and obviously have the background to back up their claims. I took some notes along the way, presented here for your amusement.

Twitter Bio Generator

Introducing the Twitter Bio Generator from @joshjs.

Notes from the August MKE UX Meetup: Sketching

Last night was the August edition of #mkeUX, and just as its previous iterations it was a great time. This month’s topic was sketching and how such a relatively simple act can provide enormous benefits to the UX process.

Notes from the July MKE UX meetup: Mobile UX

The July 11 mkeUX meetup was amazing. The back room of Sugar Maple was absolutely packed with people evidently interested in mobile UX, the topic du jour. (See photos from the event by Michael Seidel on Flickr.) The two presenters were obviously well-qualified and well-prepared, and the discussion amongst the group was always intriguing. Clearly […]

UX Beyond the Web

UX is extremely important to websites, and not nearly enough designers/developers/content managers take it into consideration properly. But the concept of user experience is by definition not solely about websites. It’s about… well… the user’s experience.

Thoughts from MKE UX: Content Strategy on the Realz

Link: Thoughts from MKE UX: Content Strategy on the Realz When we’re planning our content, we should not even be thinking about the site in terms of pages or the content management solution we’ll be using. We should be thinking of our websites in terms of content types and interactions. What do we need to […]