Category: Personal

  • White male privilege; Or, the simplicity of equal rights

    I rarely consider just how fortunate and privileged I am to be a heterosexual, middle-class white male. Not everyone is born with the good fortune of having a particular skin color, a particular set of reproductive organs, or the right parents. Their human and civil rights shouldn’t depend on any of those factors.

  • Death and Your Digital Posterity

    You are going to die. It happens to the best of us. But what happens to your digital self once your physical self is gone?

  • Your House is Burning – What Do You Grab?

    A thought experiment, if you would. Your house is burning. What do you take with you? What are your priorities when faced with losing everything? It’s good to take a step back sometimes and evaluate your life, what you’ve surrounded yourself with, and what you could (or couldn’t) bear to lose if it came down to it.

  • Five Things I Wish People Knew About Me

    We live with a stream of constant tweets, check-ins and status updates, and yet how much about these social media “friends” do we really truly know? And how much about ourselves do they know? My guess? Not much.

  • #nerdhumor

    A tweet of mine got some serious attention yesterday. It was posted totally on a whim; I expected maybe a handful of people to star or retweet it. Instead it took off and got massive visibility. As of the time of this writing it had been retweeted 1231 times using Twitter’s native retweet function and – according to a quick search via the Twitter API – over 600 times by people copying and pasting it, retweeting others who had commented, etc.