Review: Liquid Ice Energy Drinks

Liquid Ice Energy Drink – the "hidden gem" of the energy drink industry, according to its maker, aiming to be the "highest quality performance" and "best tasting" drink on the market.

Full disclosure: the manufacturer sent me free samples of these two drinks along with some assorted merchandise in exchange for this review. No other compensation was involved. These are my own opinions of these drinks.

According to the official website, this brand has been around since 2003 but with a somewhat limited distribution. No stores near me seem to carry it, so I hadn't heard of it until now.

Product Overview

Liquid Ice comes in three varieties: Blue, Red, and Zero. Note that these aren't flavors, just labels: one is blue, one is red, and one has zero sugar or carbs. (This review only covers Blue and Red.)

The stated nutritional facts for an 8.3oz can of Liquid Ice are comparable to an equivalent 8.4oz can of Red Bull, probably its closest competitor. (If you're super concerned about sugar content, you probably shouldn't be chugging energy drinks to begin with.) Both brands state 80mg of caffeine per serving in almost identically-sized cans. What Liquid Ice adds alongside that is 1000mg of taurine for a "sustained energy level" rather than a huge upfront jolt (Red Bull states only 1mg of taurine).

Liquid Ice Blue

It took a while to figure out how to describe the taste. It's sort of a blue raspberry flavor, very sweet and sugary but without any discernible aftertaste. If you liquified blue cotton candy, you might get this drink.

I did feel somewhat more alert after drinking the can, though I can't say whether that was due to the energy blend or the sugar. I'm inclined to think it was the caffeine, since there wasn't a sense of a sugar rush other drinks bring on.


Liquid Ice Red

As with the Blue, the taste is tricky to describe. One press release even went so far as to call it a "unique, captive and unidentifiable flavor". My girlfriend suggested it tasted like carbonated red Kool-Aid, or maybe those red popsicles in plastic tubes. Personally, I liked this flavor more than the Blue.

As with the Blue, there was definitely an energy boost within about 20 minutes of emptying the can, and that sense of heightened alertness lasted perhaps an hour. For someone with a less-intense caffeine addiction habit, this would likely last longer.



Sweet but not too sweet, enough of an energy boost to help you focus for an hour or so but without the sharp crash at the end. As with most drinks of the sort, you'll want to limit how many of these you drink in order to save your teeth and your waistline. Side note: while you can certainly drink this at room temperature, I'd recommend chilling it to near-freezing for the best experience.

The company says these drinks make great cocktail mixers and provides a number of suggested recipes. I'm not big on mixing alcohol and caffeine, but it's easy to imagine this would in fact make for some tasty drinks if you're into that.

After all that, my professional opinion here is not bad. Definitely a contender in the industry for those of us that prefer our caffeine fix come from a can rather than a coffee mug.