What would life be like immediately after a pandemic?

Post-apocalyptic fiction is a popular genre, and there’s no shortage of it. But from the books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched, most of it is set either during the early phases (pre-apocalypse) or years later, with people aimlessly roaming the countryside. Being fiction, and being meant to entertain, most of what I’ve seen has been lacking on the discussion of logistics. (Please, if you’ve seen books or movies that delve more into this, please let me know. This is fascinating to me.)

I initially asked this question on Twitter, but 140-character tweets aren’t really conducive to a proper discussion: What do you think would realistically happen if a pandemic wiped out 75% or more of the world population?

The key word here is “realistically“. Setting aside romantic notions of finding a secluded cabin stockpiled with food and water and “waiting for it to blow over”, what would actually happen in the immediate aftermath of a worldwide catastrophe?

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