Every System Has A Leader

crazypants letter

I was on my way out of the store, pulling out my keys to unlock my car. A man and woman were walking away from their car, parked next to mine, when the man addressed me. "Hey man, you know, I think Trump's gonna turn us all into chaos."

Uh. Okay sir.

Then he pressed a piece of paper into my hand, and the woman said "he wants you to read that." I made that sound you make when you just want to get away without being dragged into some weird situation, got in my car and locked the door.

Then I opened the paper.

Every System Has A Leader
Outside the money system is the Family World

Take a look through the eyes, ears, heart and mind of mankinds Ancient Common Father. Equalize as his children forever. Our thoughts become self guided. Love, honor, trust, cooperation starts flowing through hearts minds and muscles in true family form. The (GAP, the Father, Great Ancient Parent) gathers mankind as brothers and sisters to keep strong, free, well fed with good food, balancing with nature in nice houses. The GAP is the Father, the Master of the Family World who gives mankinds mother her most perfect life with peace and rest. Spirit forever strong with unity. The life supporting factory of good deeds. You are placing your Earth home in the Universe of Heaven.

To have the GAP is to call all secret and non secret Public, Governments, Corporate, Religious, Non Religious and Racial Forces to be treated as family wherever they live work travel or vacation on Earth, from the bottom of the Underworld to the top of the Heavens, as everyones family and childrens friends travel all around. Entering the GAP makes you (family) rich without cost. The Atheists believe he is human, the Religious believe he is God. Together they agree to Love their neighbor as family, stand firm for neighbors, Love always protects with worth weapons when necessary. So you know your loved ones are safe when away doing good deeds. Glory and honor organizes supply and demand. Whoever tries to prevent uniting mankind in family spirit is an enemy of all. Condemning themself.

The big idea to create money needed a new leader to watch for system defects. (We did not leave the family world behind) when we donated love, honor, trust and cooperation to put the money system to the test. Earth home was turned into property, good deeds became work and work forces. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. The new leader found a defect. The more the world lives as family, the less power money has over the Earth. An evil influence grew within the leader. And the Earth became everything a thief wants to steal. The influence became the new master. Separating hearts and minds. Feeling glory and honor over the dead. Creating new enemies and plagues to spread. Dividing Races and Religions to cause wars. The Underworld guided to damage to damage economies, enviroments, food and fuel supplies to cause competition to stay alive. Because the more the World competes to survive, the less we live as family. So that is why in sam hill the rich compete for tiny pieces of Earth to call home.

Stop falling one by one, throw away the evil influence by resurrecting Family force again. Let all the Worlds leaders stand up with the GAP as the Master of all leaders. As brothers and sisters of all mankind. Resurrect the Worldwide Family Force with (100% mercy and forgiveness.) People of Communism, Capitalism, Socialism need the GAP to be the Way. To remove fear from our hearts, minds and muscles, the GAP of all Humankind can never be destroyed. Love honor trust and cooperation is the soul blood that keeps the family system alive. Protect the Family. To open the GAP for your neighbor and every passerby is a vote against the evil influence worldwide.

I think I just met the world's first human Markov Chain. Or a future speechwriter for the Trump administration.