Be social more. Be “social” less.


Be social more:

I don’t mean tweet or check in on Foursquare more, I mean go out and interact with people more. I have a lot of acquaintances, not many friends. More often than not, I stay in, and don’t go out. I could be around more people more often. Stuff like that, you know?

Be “social” less:

By comparison of some people I know, I use Twitter sparingly, but still I think I use it too much (and more people use it WAY too much). I talk all the time, but I don’t say anything. There is too much noise, and not enough meaningful sound. As a guy I know puts it in his own resolution ‘speak less, say more.’

Yes. THIS. This is exactly what I meant in my obligatory list of resolutions for 2011. Josh just states it better.