Why is there no maximum wage?

Wanted to capture this series of tweets by @sargoth in regards to a post-work society, where our lives aren't based on and determined by our capability to find and consistently do work.

She continues:

I wonder how many would keep working after the maximum wage limit had been reached. #

The implicit critique of the contemporary labor market found in the last tweet. It astounds, even as it flabbergasts. #

Let's see. What's the motto of the labor market as we know it? #

"You work or you die. This has to be, as no one would work if their survival didn't depend on their working." #

Funny how work is a right, a duty and a necessity, all three in one. #

"You are free to work if you want, but if you don't want we will use symbolic violence on your ass until you do." #

I'm not sure this is a crowning achievement when it comes to sustainable societal designs. #

What's the reason behind this insistance that everyone absolutely must Have A Job? #

Surely it can't be because there's a lack of things in the world. On the contrary - the world has more stuff than the economy can handle! #

If one wanted to improve the moral character of everyone, then one could surely devise a scheme less roundabout than a labor market. #

I have this nagging suspicion that it might have to do with class. #

Imagine class in a society which is not based on everyone working. #

One would have to revamp the structure of social stratification. Find new ways to make it clear to everyone that some are more than others. #

This would - as you are right to point out - include somewhat of a change. And change never comes easy to those who would lose from it. #

We have the technology, production capabilities and the distribution mechanisms in place. A post-work society can be done. #

It's funny how it's not the massive unemployment in the West that's causing the economic crisis. Funny, and quite telling. #

I somehow can't imagine David Cameron speaking to the people, saying that we must all work to fill this year's quota of Abstract Work. #

Not any particular work. Just work in the abstract, general sense of something being done in a workplace. #

Cameron: as you all know, our new alien overlords will blast our planet to bits if we don't all contribute to the Work Effort. #

Not quite feeling it. #

But if we're not working for an externally imposed will that will kill us all if we don't-then who, what and why? #

Replacing "evil alien overlords" with "the economy" seems somewhat lacking. In general. #

Never before has the gap between what is and what could be been greater. #

If you want proof that ideology is still at work, then casually mention the possibility of a post-work society. It will manifest itself. #

A post-work manifesto. Brought to you by the forces of industrial overproduction, global communications and labor market oversaturation. #

Let's call it a [/rant]. #

Johanna Drott, aka @sargoth