Redesigned and Responsive-ized

Unless you’re reading this via an RSS reader, you may notice that the site has been redesigned again. After following as much Responsive Web Design news as I could for the last few months, I decided it was time to get with the program and update my own site to be a bit more flexible.

The new design is still very much a work in progress and as such is subject to change. Probably drastic change. I welcome your feedback (either in the comments or via Twitter, bug reports, whatever you’ve got. Ideally it should display pretty well across desktop browsers, tablets, mobile browsers, etc, but there will probably be quite a bit of room for additional tweaks.

Highlights and notes

  • I’m deliberately only designing for and checking in the most current versions of the major browsers. (Translation: IE6 and IE7 can go frak themselves. Sorry, but IE6 is over a decade old and even Microsoft is trying to kill it, so I’m not bending over backwards to fix their issues. That said, there are still some fairly serious things I’m working on resolving for these… ahem… geriatric browsers.)
  • This is primarily a mobile-first design. The base styling should work decently on mobile devices, and then media queries take effect to add styling as needed for wider displays.
  • It’s still a very minimal design, in keeping with my own personal taste. That means almost no graphics, relying heavily on text and simple CSS effects like gradients and rounded corners. It’s quite spartan, perhaps too much so, but for now it’ll do.

4 thoughts on “Redesigned and Responsive-ized

  1. Do you really want the width to take up the full browser window? Your entire post fit on two and half lines on my monitor.

    1. What browser and how wide was it? The content should be capped at a maximum of 800px. I just re-arranged some of my CSS, so hopefully it should work better now.

      1. IE 8, 23 inches wide. The content was spreading across the full width. I’ll check it again tomorrow when I’m back at work.

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