Milwaukee Web Geeks

Handwritten MKE UX sign

This is a good week for web geeks in Milwaukee.

I’ve been working in the web industry for a few years, and been interested in it for as long as I can remember. The whole
idea of the web fascinates me – the almost endless possibilities that the Internet offers just blows my mind sometimes.
It’s also one of the few industries to actually have a true community grow up around it, both online and in meatspace.

Unfortunately it’s always seemed (to me at least) that these great real-world meetups were happening far far away. There’s lots of opportunity to meet like-minded people in places like San Francisco, or Austin, or (notably) Brighton, but the Midwest has been painfully bare.

Until now.

Milwaukee is finally starting to realize its potential for geekery. Last night was the first ever mkeUX meetup – an informal gathering of people who are interested (personally or professionally) in UX and its related bits and bobs. Tonight is the June installment of Web414 – a place for anyone involved in any sort of creative field to come and discuss… whatever. New code frameworks, reviews of conferences like SXSW, whatever. Just a few days ago was the monthly meeting of the Milwaukee PHP Users Group, which is… well… pretty self-explanatory. (Sadly I didn’t make it, but next month!) And there are almost certainly more that I’m not aware of yet.

All great opportunities for people to get together and share information with other people that are living and working in this city, maybe just blocks away, but all with the same focus and goals.

Special thanks to Mike Kornacki and Michael Seidel for putting together last night’s mkeUX meetup, and to the crew of Bucketworks for giving life to Web414, and to everyone else involved in these great meetups. It’s a pleasure knowing we’re all helping make this city just a little geekier with every group.